Presenter & Illusionist

Book a professional and entertaining Master of Ceremony for your event! Henri keeps people on track during the occasion and presents important information clearly. The combination of a Presenter-Illusionist is a great benefit with impressive and amusing acts overlapping with the hosting. This way, hosting becomes a natural part of the evening.

Magical acts, big or small

Depending on the size of the event, bigger illusion acts with dancers are possible and can be combined with the hosting and stand-up show. Also ask for the hugely popular close-up show, served right to the tables!
Henri Kemppainen is a magician, who brings honor to his profession. Kemppainen performed at our company’s 10th anniversary on 22 November 2013 and he kept the atmosphere high from beginning to end. He received the guests, raised a toast, hosted, and amazed everyone. Along with incredible acts Kemppainen acknowledged all the customers during the evening with memorable close-up magic. Best of all, both the guests and Kemppainen seemed to enjoy the occasion – with glowing eyes like those of a child at a circus. Thank you Henri – we really like you!
Johanna Talikainen / Mainossatama Oy

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